Antique Barometers


Alongside antique clocks, Howard Walwyn also specialises in selling a number of fine rare antique stick and banjo barometers. While clocks implement the laws of physics to run as clockwork, barometers instead rely on the rules of chemistry to give an accurate scientific reading of atmospheric pressure, which in turn forecasts short-term changes in the weather. Howard Walwyn stocks a number of expertly crafted antique barometers from the finest makers in both England and Scotland. Our oldest barometers date from the early 1700s and are primarily veneered in walnut. In the Georgian period and the first quarter of the 19th century, both banjo and stick barometers were mostly veneered in mahogany. Some are recorded as having had a scientific use, such as in a weather station, but most were to be found in the houses of the well to do or in public buildings. Thanks to a combination of their usefulness and beauty, they make highly desirable collectors’ items today.

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