Antique Longcase Clocks


Howard Walwyn has one of the very best collections of antique longcase clocks available for sale anywhere. These clocks have their own unique history and design quirks which make them so desirable today. Also known as tall-case, floor or grandfather clocks, longcase clocks were first developed after 1660, and have remained a favourite ever since. They are mostly weight driven and have an adjustable pendulum for accurate timekeeping and are notable for their reliability. Thanks to the combination of their clock movement and dial being set within a beautiful tall wooden case, these clocks make a wonderful centrepiece to any room or hallway. The longcase clock has a traditionally British history, with both standard and more ornate pieces being made by clockmakers throughout England, Wales, and Scotland over a period of at least 200 years. Howard Walwyn is proud to celebrate these clocks and their history, with each listing being described in detail. The biographies of the clockmakers are provided wherever possible.

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